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Plug-and-play, MS43 ECU. This ECU has the EWS deleted, so it can also repair vehciles with a bad ECU or EWS system, without the need to visit a shop for expensive programming. Just plug it in and go. 


This ecu gives you the ability to:

  • Flash the ecu with a new calibration without needing checksum calculations (We recomend gallet 1260 for flashing the 64kb file)
  • Delete the often faulty EWS system. The complicated and expensive system is a headache! Car still acts normal, keys still work as they alsoways do
  • Swap a M54 easily into any vehicle
  • Tune everything from check engine lights blocking to full turbo builds
  • We provide full tech support if needed


Compatible Vehicles:

  • E46: Xi models, regardless of year
  • E46: 325 and 330 vehicles built before mid-2003. If your MAF sensor has 3 wires, you are ms43 
  • E39: 525 and 530 models
  • All 2003-2006 X3 E83 models
  • All 1999-2006 X5 E53 models with a 3 Liter engine

MS43 ECU - EWS Delete